Covid-19 Emails from Shopify Very Irritating!

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Can someone tell me why i am still getting these email's even after i deleted my 2 products...Hand Sanitizer?



Dear So and SO,

Please be aware that we have identified certain product(s) from your store, that are associated with high demand items related to the coronavirus pandemic and listed at excessive prices and/or making misleading claims. Shopify considers excessive claims and price gouging to be a violation of its Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) subject to account termination. You can access our Acceptable Use Policy here and our Terms of Service here.

If you would like to continue offering these products for sale on your store, please request a review of these products by responding to this email with at least one of the following:

  • Evidence that the pricing of any products related to the current coronavirus pandemic are priced fairly. An example of supporting evidence may include invoices from your suppliers detailing your cost of purchase.
  • Supporting documentation from official testing labs for any efficacy claims made related to high demand coronavirus product
  • Confirmation that you have removed or modified the pricing or claims of the applicable product(s).
  • A request to re-review as your products have been misidentified and are not medical supplies or products related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Once we have received this information, we will manually review your store and work with you so you can continue to use Shopify as your service provider.

Please note that if you continue to list any of the products that have been identified without first being reviewed by Shopify, you risk your account being suspended or terminated.

Thank you for your cooperation.