Covid-19 affected by business badly!

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1 0 2 is my store. I couldn't be able to pay my outstanding bill and hence I want you to pause my store until the situation becomes normal.


Also, a waiver is recommended since we have come to zero and we have to start afresh since our business was a seasonal one.


Also, give me permission to view and export my orders so that I can fulfil them as soon as possible.

This is an accepted solution.

You can pause your store yourself.

  1. Log in as the store owner.

  2. From your Shopify admin, click Settings, and then click Plan and permissions.

  3. In the Store status section, click Pause and build.

  4. If you agree with the terms, then click Pause and build.

  5. Review the changes to your billing cycle, and then click Confirm changes.

Pausing your store 

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I have paused my store and the charges have been reduced to $14. This however is still a pretty substantial amount considering I can't expect any business. We are small businesses and are suffering badly. It's our request to Shopify as a leading e-comm platform to please waive off any charges for the next 3 months till the situation improves a little. When my store is paused, I obviously can't do any business so paying $14 for a dead store and with this current COVID situation, It's nearly impossible.

Can we expect Shopify to support us, small business owners, in such times please?