Exorbitant Shipping Charges

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After reopening from the COVID19, Ali express has exorbitantly increased the shipping charges to more than 10-50x times.  We started adverting our store in the marketplace,  keeping Ali Express products  into free shipping and accordingly priced our products on the store. 


Just to markup or increase the suppliers profit overnight, all the suppliers unanimously increased the shipping charges. This amounts to gross violation of unfair trade practice by Ali Express suppliers and need to be condemned by ALL.


Example: The below product cost vs the shipping cost(Is it justifiable?)

Colorful Silicone Peeler Easy Peeling Tube Garlic Magic Kitchen Accessories Tool Cooking Tools Gadget is Rs40 ($0.53)

shipping cost is Rs3908 ($51.53).  from free shipping it is now 96.6 times jump in shipping


On one side, due to COVID19, most of the business owners are almost struggling to cope up during this unprecedented times meeting the demands of the supply chain and on the other side keeping the current market situation in mind, the Ali Express suppliers have become greedy and cunning in there operations. They haven't increased the cost of product, instead they have increased the shipping cost across all the products and variants.


 Is there anyone who can question Ali express and bring back all the products pricing as normal as earlier.

Would appreciate the bold initiate taken by any one and would admire him/she as a role model for all the entrepreneurs like us


thank you





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Hi Murali,
I was wondering the same thing. Although most my shipping costs aren’t that bad but have jumped significantly. From free to around $15-20 am order. Basically making no money now.
Wondering what to do about this as I just opened store in March and things were starting to ramp up for me but now it doesn’t seem worth it with the shipping costs.
Any leads or insights are appreciated.