How do I get a refund on shipping for an order returned - Undeliverable Due to COVID-19?

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I shipped an order to an international location, of course nothing prevented me from purchasing the shipping for more than $20 only to have it returned a month later as undeliverable (with a bright pink label indicating it was due to COVID-19 restrictions in that country).


My question is this, the USPS website says if I purchased the shipping online (which I did through Shopify) to go back to that site and request a refund but I'm unable to VOID the label but the order shows UNDELIVERABLE on the order (I had no idea, it would have been nice to get a notification of SOME SORT before I got the box back in the mail), so how do I get a refund for this shipping charge so that I can re-purchase a label later when I am able to ship the package?


Please tell me there is some way I can do this without going through a claims process with the USPS - especially since their website indicated that I needed to go through the site where I purchased the shipping originally. (here is a link to that information


Thank you!

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You'll most likely need to make a claim with USPS unfortunately. I know I had an issue on Amazon where I bought a label for an item being shipped UPS and they overcharged me. Even though I bought the label through Amazon, they still said I had to go to the UPS store and make a claim with them to get my partial refund.