I'm 3d Printing Face Shields and donating them

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Hey everyone! I'm 3d printing face shields for our healthcare workers on the frontline of this thing! If you know anyone who needs them, please reach out to me via email @ nikko.props@gmail.com or my facebook page linked below.


I'm taking all this out of pocket. The costs are starting to pile up and I cant sustain this very long. If you guys don't mind, I'm taking donations for it to help off set the costs


I would love to get some help on this, if you guys can. I'll be pumping these face shields out as much as I can. 

Here's how your donation can help. It'll provide:
-Filament to print(it's the plastic I use to make them 
-More machines so I can make more faster
-Nozzles so I can make more faster
-Acetate covers so I can put the mask together
-Shipping costs
-Energy Costs

The sooner I hit the goal, the more I can make. 

Help me help our front line heroes through all of this!!!




Here's where I post my updates: https://www.facebook.com/Nikko.Industries

Updates via Instagram- @Nikko.industries 


Thank you all so much! 



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