In the spirit of Survival, Togetherness & Recovery, please help me with my plan to give-away Stores.

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Greetings Everyone!  Not since World War I and II has there been collective fears and concerns as there is now.  People are dreadfully afraid and rightly so for many reasons, some that are too early for them to even think about.  As for me, I was blessed with an incredible sense of foreboding doom, therefore I've been preparing for these times for many years.  Even before the millennial reset I had become alarmed by the world's economic condition and the long term affects of automation and the disappearance of jobs.   It is for that reason, since the late 1990's I've embracing and perfecting entrepreneurship.


One of the sad realities of the corona-virus-pandemic is that literally millions of jobs are going to disappear as businesses will take this opportunity to upgrade and opt for new automated systems rather than rehiring workers.  Uber and Lyft are going to fast-track the introduction of self-driving vehicles which was the long term plan all along.  Because of the pandemic they will claim the elimination of human drivers as being safer and more sanitary.  We're going to witness unemployment on a scale no-one alive today has ever witnessed.    


SHOPIFY PARTNER PROGRAM   That being said, it is my desire to do my part to plant seeds of hope, recovery and exert whatever influence I'm able to muster.  It is my desire to help with the  design of new businesses to start that are well in the reach of the average citizen.  It is towards that end that I am going to replicate and give away my business to 100-new owners.  Once I've worked out the kinks, and perfected the new business model, I will do it again with a second group of 100-new business owners.  It is my hope to be able to accomplish my objective through Shopify's Partner Program. 


I haven't worked out all of the specifics as the idea only came to me an hour ago.  What is absolutely clear to me is that I can not sit idly by waiting for the pandemic to pass.  Nor can I not reach out and share the many blessings that I've had with others.


My name is Allen Kimble, Jr. and I'm the sole proprietor of the brands 'Pugona Rock Club' and 'Club No-Kill 2027' brands.  I would greatly appreciate the guidance of Shopify's amazing support members.