Join - Shopify Women's Network on Slack or LinkedIn - Support + Innovate Retail during COVID-19

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Collectively women thrive in social connection, whilst we are limited to how we connect let’s use this space to discuss the most import issues and proactively act on the things we can control....


This channel is a way for women to immerse in deeper conversation on topics that are impacting us during the COVID-19 isolation period.


Please join us if your are a woman who sells products on Shopify or provide services to business that do.  Let’s keep conversation relevant and help each other survive and thrive in retail.


Being proactive and strategic will help you to make the right decisions and to stay relevant to your customers.


It is a challenging time but remember this is not forever and there are opportunities to innovate and collaborate.


This group is for women who sell products online or service providers who help their clients do so.


Send me your contact email to join the Slack Group or email me directly at


Join Shopify Women's Network on LinkedIn here:


Cheers, stay healthy and positive :)




Chana Imsirovic

eCommerce Specialist

Owl and Monk

Sydney, Australia.