LET'S HELP EACH OTHER!!! Join the #CoviDifference Small Business Movement

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Hi Fellow Shopify Small Business Owners!

We first want to wish you health and strength during these trying times. We are Hollis and Blaine, the co-owners of The Hullabaloo Book Co. We are building our brand around the sincere goal of helping adults raise a kinder, smarter, more culturally aware generation of children. 


As we came to grips at the uncertainty facing small businesses and our population at large, we realized we wanted to do more to not only encourage the continued patronage of small businesses but to also relieve any stress we can for our customers. We are hoping to spread a message of hope and togetherness by starting the #CoviDifference movement. To alleviate any stress we can for our customers, we have dropped our own prices 40%. (Which we understand may not be possible for many businesses.) 


We have issued a call to action for other businesses who also want to offer help wherever possible. We are asking any businesses that have the capability to do so, to drop their prices by any margin possible, offer a special promotion or make charitable contributions during this crisis. 


Have you already made changes like this? GREAT! We want to help you share the news with everyone we know and encourage them to support small businesses right now! Reply to this thread or you can email crew@hullabaloobookco.com about what you are doing to help and we will enthusiastically promote your generosity on our website and social media! Don't forget to use #CoviDifference on social media and use the below graphics (if you choose) so we can follow along and continue spreading this message of solidarity! If you want to see more, you can check out @hullabaloobookco on Instagram.