Legalities of Reselling Liquidation Lots & Shelf Pulls

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Because of the negative impact COVID has had on my store, specifically regarding shipping times from China & I have had to give out so many refunds to customers or face chargebacks because of the ridiculous delays! I am now looking into alternatives.  I am wanting to purchase liquidation lots, which contain shelf pulls and overstock of name brand products And resell them. I know I can resell on eBay or Facebook marketplace ... but what about my existing shopify store??? Are there any restrictions, disclaimers/disclosures, requirements, legal issues or otherwise???? Has anyone tried this???  Thanks a bunch! ... I need  to survive this pandemic financially too! 

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I am not a lawyer no one else here is a lawyer, speak to lawyer about legal matters.


If it's a legal matter you should contact shopify support directly.


Currently with Covid19, be extremely cautious with any goods that even seem tangential to medical items.

Normally most restrictions come from payment gateways, or are spelled out in a platforms terms on prohibited items.

Unlicensed reselling of branded items aren't restricted per se but aren't recommend but your still taking a risk if you are not officially licensed for a brand as a reseller.



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