Shopify Payments Terms of Service and COVID-19

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So, during the COVID-19 emergency situation, with bank and businesses supposedly trying to work with small business, I have to ask why Shopify is taking advantage of small business and not adjusting bad policy.

Fraud and theft is increasing at an alarming rate. We had a fraudulent order of over $2300 and immediately cancelled it. Yet, Shopify feels it necessary to keep over $93. With business down due to the virus and the inability for studios to work, why are you taking advantage of us? This practice is ridiculous at best. We switched from to Shopify payments just to simplify our process. does not follow this practice of double dipping after a thief has attempted to steal from us.
You really need to amend your practice at best, if not altogether do away with this ridiculous practice. When orders are fraudulent, there should definately be an exception. Please do not send me a canned response. We will consider reverting back to