Shopify doesn’t care about long term customers or COVID-19

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Shopify has done NOTHING to help it’s customers during this time. I have been with Shopify since 2015. Not once have I asked for any assistance with needing extra time to pay their invoice. Shopify literally shut down my business in the middle of a work day and demanded I pay the open invoice to continue operating my store. Keep in mind I cannot ship out customers’ orders let alone be able to send out draft orders (was working on a $7,000 custom draft order I needed to have paid to pay my invoice not to mention several other bills for the 1st as I’ve lost thousands in revenue due to covid nonsense).

Spent the rest of my work day on the phone with support and they literally told me to basically **bleep** off there is nothing we can do to turn my store back on until the $1,300 threshold invoice was paid. They told me they already gave me 6 days to pay it and was told to pay it by May 1st or my store would be frozen. They froze my store in the middle of my work day on April 30th preventing me from shipping any open orders let alone be able to communicate with any customers on top of my store not being able to take new orders for 12 hours overnight until I was just able to turn it back on.

While the rest of corporate America is giving out 30-90 days in leniencies and not charging extra fees or suspending services due to unfortunate circumstance due to covid-19, Shopify is doing the exact OPPOSITE!