Shopify is increasing the chances of spreading the coronavirus!

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Dear Tobias Lütke, On behalf of the Shopify community that you screwed over. I have 2 questions for you

1- Who do you really work for?

2- What is your benefits from denying the public having the access to none medical face masks or hand sanitizer?


Our company, MedSuppliez, is doing everything possible to help our community have access to these necessary items, therefore we don’t accept Shopify's argument of "price gouging" as a valid concern. My team and I have been donating disposable medical equipment to our surrounding hospitals, clinics, police departments, post offices, and banks, along with selling these items to the general public. We also have indicated on our website that the company is willing to donate to those who can't afford to purchase our products, therefore we have also given away a lot of free supplies to the public as well. 


As everyone knows, the shutdown and the high demand for the raw materials required to manufacture such products have created a world-wide shortage and drastically increased the prices of materials. Therefore, our cost of production for hand sanitizer bottle is currently 5 times more. We are fortunate enough to still be able to continue our production line. We are concentrating on our local community, and the majority of our orders are shipped or delivered in less than an hour. All of our customers were very happy and grateful that such products are still even available for sale. Hundreds of them are posting on their Facebook and social media pages, referring friends and families who are looking everywhere for these items, to contact us.  


To make a long story short, Shopify is jeopardizing our lives and increasing the chances of spreading the coronavirus by not allowing the public to have online access to these items.  After we were no longer able to continue the operation of our online store, Shopify is forcing us and our customers to leave our homes for in-person cash transactions. If Shopify refuses to cooperate or communicate with us immediately and logically, we should all take legal action to stop such irrational decisions and the very high damages associated with it. There are hundreds of stores that Shopify closed and now they lost their business and customers! 


When the FDA encouraging businesses like us to increase their line of production for hand sanitizer, and when the Home land security customs and border protection allowing us to import medical supplies, then why we can't sell it? 


If you got screwed like us and you would like to take action, please fell free contact me


Frank Sawaf

Business Development Manager

P +1951.970.8818  |

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