Thank you Shopify

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I wanted to take a moment here to say I have multiple channels of sales but majority of my business comes from Amazon FBA. But recently amazon has shut me down, saying that I am non-essential.

Again, yes we are in unprecedented times, but isn’t my livelihood essential as per me, I am thankful that at least Shopify doesn’t go around classifying people or businesses as essential etc, because remember to buy the essential goods I need to earn. I don’t want to burden the government by asking for welfare, I am smart and able to do work. Yes Shopify has taken some hard stances on COVID-19 supplies but in a way they were trying to their job too.

What matters is they didn’t just turn a blind eye and say now my business has no value because they deemed it so.

Thank you Shopify at least by controlling what I do I can still stay afloat.

PS - I am a drop shipper and in these tough times I need access to the market for one reason I need to buy the essential goods to survive too.