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I need to create a landing page, using shogun.  But I need to turn off just one product page, so we can advertise a product without letting the user get into the store.  I know you can turn the menu off on all the product pages, but how do you turn it off on just one?




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Hi @Travis_Morgan,

I hope that you are doing well!

There is not currently a method of doing this at the moment, unless you are using a product page - with the product page, you can turn off the online store channel for the product within the Shopify settings - head into the product page within Shopify, and at the top right you will see the options for channels - open this and you will see the option to disable the online store channel. Disabling the online store channel will remove the visitors ability to see it in your catalog.

Please note, if you disable the online store channel and are using the product inside of a Shogun product box, either inside of a non-product page, or a custom product page, the product box will not load. This method should only be used if you are only using the product on a product page.

You may have already come up with a solution for this but I do hope that this helps.

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