USPS Service Interruptions -- Site still allowing checkouts

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We're based in the US, and our site receives quite a few international orders, most of which are shipped via USPS.

Unfortunately, based on the link below, USPS has stopped/interrupted service to MANY of the countries we ship to.


The problem is that our site is still allowing customers to check-out from these countries. So we're having to refund these orders. Not a good experience for us, or for the customers.


Is there any way to set this up so our site automatically pauses shipping to these countries, or do they all have to be input manually on the backend?

Thank you!



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There are two options here:

- You can go into your shipping zones and delete the countries you can no longer ship to. It is under Shipping and Delivery 


- Look into alternate providers under International Shipping in Shopify app store . USPS may not be shipping to certain countries for a long time and instead of losing the customers why not use a service that offers multiple carriers.