What to do when sales decrease


Hi everyone!


Let's all help each other with tips & tricks for this crazy time. What can be done to keep the sales up?


Here are some of my ideas:

  • make sure your sales funnel is solid. Do you capture email addresses and have sequences in place for each segment - think: first time buyers, abandoned carts, lost customers, most loyal ones, etc.?
  • offer gift cards and ask your contacts / social media followers for support, many want to help but your store might not be top of mind
  • run a promotion with a clear offer and specific deadline (urgency!)
  • partner up with other independent brands and create a special offer (stronger together)
  • improve your email opening rates, research best practice subject lines

Please add your ideas below or post questions if you have any.



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People would stay at home for quarantine. They will probably spend the time in learning new things / investing in content marketing.


I'd suggest to partner with some educational parties, get discount and build own product + exclusive discount code from the partner. So when your customers buy your product they would get additionally a voucher for a learning course. About two weeks ago I have participated into the closed meetup and there was a startup in English educational niche. They shared the increase in sales due to Covid-19. In short, people stay at home and spend time in the Web.

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Hi everybody!

I'm from Rise.ai, an advanced gift card and loyalty program provider here on Shopify.


Here at Rise, we understand the complexities that such times bring to businesses everywhere, and the importance of gift cards and rewards to keep merchants up and running. We would like to do our part in helping and that is why we have thought of a few ways Rise can help merchants grow, even now.


Here are a few tips from us- 


Rise offers advanced gift cards that create a personalized and special experience for your customers. They allow customers to write a personal message, send on a later date, and are beautifully designed and branded. This is great to boost the customer's and the receiver's spirit through these times (as well as yours).


You can also get a spot in our gift card directory for FREE. This is a page that was created for customers to find gift cards that may interest them, helping you promote your gift card product and expose it to more customers! Sign up here.

To promote your gift cards, even more, you can use our discounted gift card feature. This is a new feature we created following merchants' requests, that allows you to sell gift cards at a discount, incentivizing your customers to buy them now rather than later.


With Rise you can also create bulk gift cards that you can offer to customers/communities/corporates so they can help support you.


Another helpful tip is to use our referral program, that we have now opened to ALL of our plans. Have your loyal customers help you reach out to new customers, by rewarding them for every successful referral. This is a great way to reach out to new audiences!


These are just the tip of the iceberg regarding how Rise can help you now, you can learn more here. We also offer free consultations to help you strategize how to best utilize Rise for your needs and struggles. 


We would love to hear from you about how COVID-19 affected your business to see how we can help.

Please don't hesitate to reach out at info@rise.ai


I M from India, and its a vary bad situation here. No sale No Courier service nothing