$1 to $1 Match Program up to 100% - Now Accepting Applications

Shopify Partner
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Who we are: Hip Gloss Productions, LLC, insured, and certified in our fields. Twenty-three years of web design, fifteen years of eCommerce development.

Where we are located: Cincinnati, OH, USA


What we do: eCommerce development, web design, website migration, hosting, and marketing technology solutions.


What we are offering:


Our $1 to $1 Match Program is now open to applications for Shopify assistance!


We previously only offered this to non-profit and not-for-profit businesses but have opened it up to all small businesses and have narrowed our scope of this program to Shopify as a way to help merchants get to selling online FAST and give back to the community during COVID-19.

If your application is accepted, we will match your budget up to 100% in web development hours! Whether you need assistance launching your brand new Shopify store, tweaking the Shopify store you already have, or wish to migrate from another eCommerce platform to Shopify, we can help!


We encourage you to apply if you have a tight budget and need assistance or if you would just like to save some money in your budget to spend somewhere else, this is the opportunity for you.  


Once we have filled all the time/resource slots that we are able to allocate to this Program, we will announce it on our website.  Thank you for your interest and remember we are stronger together!


Restrictions: Although we would love to help everyone, not all applicants will be accepted. This promotion is an application process due to the limited time and resources reserved for this Program. It is at our discretion which applicants we accept. All applicants will be contacted in a timely manner. Most projects will receive a 100% match, however, we reserve the right to match budgets with service hours as we see fit specific to your project up to 100% match and cap at $30,000 equivalent. Our proposal to you will include the amount of match you will receive and how those hours will be allocated.  


How to redeem: All of the details, contact email, and application are located here - https://www.hipgloss.com/matchprogram-shopify/