3 Month Free Upsell Funnel App

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Hey everyone,

With the virus situation seemingly getting worse everyday, our love and prayers are with everyone who has been affected, and to your loved ones and families. And with new and tightening measures from governments around new the world to contain the pandemic, so many businesses have been affected.

As part of the Shopify community, our hearts go out especially to merchants struggling during this period.

To help merchants make the most of each sale and get better ROIs, we have decided to give a 3 month free unlimited views for the RaidFunnels app. That means no cost to you during this entire period!

RaidFunnels is an Upsell Funnel app we believe would benefit a large majority of merchants. We have seen good success and helped some merchants increase their average order values by 3X and would love to do the same for as many entrepreneurs during this difficult period.

You can launch different offer types, like “Buy more, save more!”, “Get the whole look!”, “Free shipping when you add this to your order” and many more industry-proven upsell strategies. We believe that you can maximize every opportunity to convert more when a customer adds a product to the cart. You can find out more about what our app does by checking out this video: https://youtu.be/sIjTZ_ep1DQ

Our team is based in Singapore and are on standby to help you with getting started and with strategies to help you immediately take advantage of the power of sales funnels.

All you need to do is install the app and drop me a message through the chat and I'll gladly help you extend your trial, set up the app and begin your journey in creating upsells.


You can email me for more info!