45-day extended trial for Employee Management & Screenshots by Staffy

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Hey All! Sorry for misplacing the post in the wrong forum (should have been posted to COVID-19 offers forum)

I am Harel, the founder of Staffy .

We are offering a 45-day extended free trial for project management and employee monitoring. No special link needed- just send us a message through the chat - and we'll make sure to apply the offer and provide any needed help.

It's built for stores that hire staff members (and freelancers) and would like to know how much time they have worked, where they have visited in your Shopify admin, manage their tasks (which are connected directly to your store) and pay them. 

(The payroll and scheduling features are going to be released next week as well - as seen in the video)

If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to help!  


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