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Hey Guys,

Chinmaya here, Founder of RevTap.ai - Customer and Store Analytics App.



  • Who we are: 
    RevTap helps Shopify stores in understanding their store and marketing performance better and providing them with Smart Customer & Product Segments to help make data-driven decisions super simple and effective.
  • Where we are located:
    We are a global team, headquartered in London, UK, and team members from various countries.

  • What we do:
    We are a team of Shopify Experts, helping merchants grow efficiently by implementing data-driven marketing strategies.
    We have been helping e-commerce brands grow exponentially over the last 4 years, by working with them on acquiring new customers, driving repeat orders, increasing Average Order Value and Customer Life Time Value with data-backed marketing strategies.

  • What we are offering:
    Due to the pandemic and rough times at hand, we are extending our support to all the merchants in two ways.
    1. Our app is TOTALLY FREE for the next 2 months - (Link to app)
    2. We are offering a FREE CONSULTATION to growing brands - to help acquire new customers and get more repeat orders 

  • Restrictions:
    NONE, there are no restrictions in using our app. All the merchants will be given premium plan access as soon as you install the app. 
    We do require you to have a Google Analytics account setup though if you don't have one. Need help with setting up one? We are here again, just a message away! 

  • How to redeem:
    Just install the app from the app store, and you are all good to go! 

I hope this is helpful to all the merchants and if any help needed, just give reach us out! We are with you :) 


Chinmaya Shankar
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