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COVID-19 & Stay-at-Home Lockdowns | You're Going To Need Bank Direct's why

I'm posting a quick industry news bulletin if you will. This isn't a sales pitch. I'm a Shopify approved partner and full-stacked developer who creates plugins and software apps for payment processors and banks for a living. I've helped hundreds of merchants that sell hemp flower, CBD ingestibles, kratom, pipes, bongs and high-risk products get credit card processing. 

Thousands of merchants that sell high-risk products still need reliable online payment processing. Unfortunately, a dramatic slowdown in getting new merchant account applications approved in happening. Everyone working behind the scenes in this market niche knows and understands what's happening. Bank direct debit is a solid alternative to credit card processing.

The impact of COVID-19 put over 45 million Americans in the unemployment line. They're our neighbors who still need to buy living essentials and health-related products...but they don't have the money in the bank

  • SKYROCKETING CHARGEBACKS - On May 26, 2020, MasterCard reported that credit card chargebacks skyrocketed from an industry norm of 0.5% up to 20%, and even as high as 30% in some industry sectors. [See: Yahoo Finance News, May 26, 2020]
  • CREDIT CARD FRAUD UPWARD TREND - On July 7, 2020 - the Houston Chronical will feature a live webinar designed to give merchants a better understanding of how the changes wrought by COVID-19 have created opportunities for fraud, and what you the merchant can do to protect your revenue.


A Houston-area FINTEC created a Shopify approved plugin that lets online shoppers checkout and pay exactly as they would if using Zelle or Venmo. It's bank direct debit. 

  1. At checkout, the customer is shown their shopping cart and a menu option showing over 3000 different banks.
  2. They choose their bank and login with the same User ID and password stored as "cookies" on their PC or mobile device.
  3. Next, they confirm the dollar amount of the sales and click "Pay Now". That's it. The transaction is done.

Funds settle in the merchants bank account on the same day and there are no chargeback risks. There is no credit check required to sign up for bank direct debit. Marijuana dispensaries and food-to-go restaurants love it. A custom can pay online and pick up their order with proof of valid ID. It's that simple. Got questions? 

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Kevin James

Owner of KJ ProWeb | a Shopify Partner & Full-Stack Developer 

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Kevin James
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