Brisa Video Creator Free - Sales/Marketing Booster


Brisa Video Creator makes it easy to create engaging videos from your product images and content, and I've made it free to use to help boost sales and marketing during COVID.


Why: Did you know users spend 2.5x more time on pages with videos? 72% prefer to watch videos to learn about products? Social media posts with videos get 48% more views and 12 times more shares?


I built the app because everyone should be able to create video content for their shop, social media, and ads.


Who we are: I'm Andrew, and I built the Brisa Video Creator app.

Where we are located: San Diego, California
What we do: The app makes it quick and easy to create videos from your product images and text. The videos are designed to be engaging to shoppers, so you can boost your marketing and sales.
What we are offering: Completely free access to the app.
Restrictions: No restrictions. I'm offering this for as long as I can.
How to redeem: Install the app. No need to redeem, but I'd appreciate all feedback to improve the app!


If you'd like to see how it works, you can check out the intro video:

Want to increase conversions or get more social media attention? Try Brisa Video Creator to quickly and easily create videos that engage your viewers!