Contactless Curbside Pickup & Omni-channel Multi-store Chat

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  • Who we are:  
    • Answerable lets brands scale people powered engagement through our trusted advocates platform that unites supporters (employees, experiential teams) and promoters (customers, influencers) into one cohesive on-demand advocacy platform.
    • Curbside pickup is essential for safety but having every person call 1 store number  to pick up their goods, leads to a poor customer experience, and frustrated customers and associates.  We know because like you we’ve been doing it.   We’ve repurposed part of our application to make is easy, safe, and fast for you to engage customers across hundreds of locations.
      Read the full Curbside offer here
  • Where we are located: 
    • Toronto, Canada
  • What we do:
    • We make it stupid simple to engage with customers through our AskApro platform online and offline.
      • Download our app on your phone (whether you have 1 or 1,000 employees)
      • Embed our chat widget on your Shopify store
      • Choose a SMS keyword like "Curbside" which your customers can text to 474747 in the US or 393939 in Canada.  In fact try it right now to see for yourself.
  • What we are offering:
    • We're offering free access to our platform for 90 days. 
  • Restrictions:
    • Implementation Consulting: If you require technical support setting up your implementation we will do so at cost.
    • SMS Keywords: You are required to pay for your SMS key word.  It costs $25 per month from Eztexting which includes ~300 message per month.
  • How to redeem: 
    • Contact
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This sounds intriguing. We currently run a team text number for CS and I would like deeper integration and better routing. I *think* this is what your system offers. However TBH I'm not totally clear biased on the post or the website. Can you please explain the 10yr old version to me? :)

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Hi @SemperPickle 


- Your current solution, it's like the industry standard but answerable lets you expand who can answer the question to virtually any employee or customer as you could;

  • have 20 people in your call centre (but limited to fixed hours)
  • 200 employees across your various retail locations
  • and/or 1,000 customers who bought your product (who are available coast to coast at their own leisure) and are huge fans

- any and all of these people could download the answerable app to their smartphone and install it - just like Whatsapp or Slack 

- you can define which of these chat channels they're allowed to join 

- you can, through our platform, define who gets routed what question and how they compensated 

- you now have a fully scalable on demand pool of advocates you can harness to engage virtually 24x7 for your brand