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This discussion board is for Partners to post topics containing discounts and offers they are making and to help Merchants (Shop Owners) find the help they need during these challenging times. It was created in response to the incredible generosity being shown during the COVID-19 outbreak and will be removed when no longer needed.

Topics in this discussion board can be created by Partners only so they can share details about their COVID-19 offers and discounts. Posts that are not relevant, out of date or do not benefit Merchants will be removed.

If you have a question about an offer a Partner has shared, respond to their topic so they can assist.

Unrelated replies to any offer topic will be moved to a new topic is the most applicable discussion board.

Please note that Shopify is not professionally affiliated with any of the designers or developers that post and is in no way responsible for the individual's actions.

How to use this Board if you are a Merchant (Shop Owner):

Scroll through the offers being made by our incredible Partner Community below! You can also search using terms more specific to your needs by using terms like “Offer Gift Card Set Up”, “Move Online France”, "Store Build Package" or “App Discount”.

If you see an offer you are interested in be sure to follow the instructions provided in the post for the best way to redeem.

If you are looking for assistance with your Shop, go to Shopify Experts where you can find help with a variety of services as well as make a job posting specific to your needs.

These links may also be helpful right now:

If you haven't already, consider subscribing to this discussion board as well turning on private messages.

  • To subscribe, while viewing the Shopify Partner Offers board lick Options followed by Subscribe.
  • To turn on Private Messaging click on your avatar in the top right corner followed by My Settings. Within click Private Messenger, review the disclaimer followed by clicking Accept and finally Confirm.

How To Us this Board if you are a Partner

If you are a Shopify Partner and you have a little something you are doing to help Merchants through this trying time … first of all THANK YOU.

Next, we want to help it get seen! Whether it is a discount, a consultation, a social boost or a virtual high five, we want it to be in front of the Merchants you want to help. 

Before posting please read through the suggested format below to best have your offer seen

Subject: be specific about what you can do so merchants know about the offer, and avoid long subjects. For example:

  • Extended free trial on local pick up app
  • Free Marketing Consultation for month of April
  • COVID-19 Discount on Migration from offline to Online
  • We will promote your shop on social media for free

Body: Should include the following

  • Who are you? Company name and link to Shopify Experts Page, Shopify App Store listing or Company website
  • Location: Where you are based! In case someone wants to work local!
  • What you do: Let us know a bit about what you specialize in in one sentence
  • What you are offering: Discount? Free service? Social Sharing? Include terms merchants may search.
  • Currently searched terms include: move online, migration, store build, local pickup, consultation, education, marketing, delivery, social selling, gift card setup, loyalty program setup, store exposure
  • How to redeem: How does the merchant accept your generous offer? An email, a link or a discount code.
  • Any Restrictions: Include language, limits to installs, Offer expiry, max hours etc. Anything that applies

In fact, copy and paste the topics below in order to make you post! We cannot wait to get this in front of the eyes of those who need it most.

  • Who we are:
  • Where we are located:
  • What we do:
  • What we are offering:
  • Restrictions:
  • How to redeem:

After submitting your post, consider updating your avatar and signature if you haven’t already! To set each, click on your profile in the top right followed by My Settings

Finally, if you are a Shopify Partner, but do not have the Shopify Partner rank in the community please complete this form so we can update your profile as well as optionally subscribing to this discussion board.