Double Limits for Web Push Notifications for 90 Days by Firepush

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Who we are?

Firepush is an all-in-one automated SMS, web push & email marketing app that has been helping to drive sales for Shopify stores over the last five years.





Firepush is trusted by many Shopify Plus stores, like Pura Vida and Ivory Ella, some of which have seen impressive campaign results, with more than $1 million in revenue generated from the app.



We are based in Poole (UK) and Vilnius (Lithuania). Our support team works 24/7.


What we do:

Firepush helps Shopify and Shopify Plus stores drive sales through automated retargeting and remarketing campaigns. The app covers three major communication channels – web push notifications, SMS and emails – in one single dashboard, helping you to adopt an omnichannel approach to marketing with ease.


Using Firepush, you can send out abandoned cart recovery campaigns, review requests, customer service updates and a whole host of promotional campaigns. When sending out special offers or discount promotions, it’s easy to add a countdown timer to evoke a sense of urgency. 


What we are offering:

Double Limits for Web Push Notifications for 90 Days.


How to redeem:

New Firepush users need to install the app from the Shopify App Store and contact the support team with this code: COVID19. The offer will then be applied. Existing Firepush users need to contact in-app support with the same code. 


There are no restrictions in using Firepush. The offer is valid until 30/05/2020.

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