Enable Online Ordering, Delivery and Pickup for Your Restaurant - Free Setup

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I’m helping small restaurants and retail stores that don’t have online ordering or need help implementing it. I spent all weekend and most of my weeknights putting together a service that I call PRIDIE, where we enable online ordering, pickup and delivery for restaurants. In most of the cases, we will have the online ordering ready in 24-48 hours or less. We sincerely hope this enables smaller restaurants to keep their staff and assign delivery roles to them, while not having to pay third-party services for their delivery fees.

Please, if you are a restaurant owner, try our support service free for 10 days: https://pridie.io

If you know someone that can benefit as well, please share the link with them.

Thank you!


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Patty here! I've signed up for the free 10-days trial. This is something we're really looking for.