Extended 30-Day Trial For Dynamic Homepage App

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The secret to reduce bounce rate and improve engagement is to offer a personalized experience to every visitor by showing them products they're most likely to buy. Personalized shopping experience begins with your homepage.


Why optimize your homepage?

Homepage is the most prominent part of your website. Most of your visitors land here. By personalizing content each visitor is most interested in, they are more likely to stay and convert.


What is DataCue?

DataCue is an all-in-one tool for homepage personalization. We personalize banner images and products for each visitor to grow sales and conversion. Our clients have seen an average 22% increase in conversion within the first 30 days.

With DataCue, your homepage gets an instant upgrade with:

- Dynamic banners (show different banner images to each visitor)
- Product recommendations upsell & cross-sell
- Recently viewed and best sellers
- Onsite personalized notifications
- Self-service dashboard
- 7 days a week support via email/live chat


Find us on Shopify app store: https://apps.shopify.com/datacue
Website: https://www.datacue.co


Risk-free trial
In light of the ongoing crisis, DataCue is offering an extended 30-day free trial to all stores. You only need to install the app from the Shopify App Store to enjoy this offer right away.


Beyond the trial period, we have a fair usage-based model where we only charge 2% commission if your visitors buy products recommended through DataCue.