Free 30 min Social Impact/Cause Marketing Consult + Extended 30 Day Trial of all premium features

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Hi Everyone,


Since the onset of this pandemic, we've been consulting our partners on how best to communicate with their customers - with the shift of businesses doubling down on the D2C side of their businesses, dealing with warehouses closures, etc, we've been able to provide strategic brainstorming sessions regarding how to bring social impact & cause marketing into the conversation during a situation that seems to change by the day.


Free 30 Minute Social Impact/Cause Marketing Brainstorm

We'd like to extend this offer to the partner community!  Email me at  and let's find time to talk about your unique situation. 


Please reach out! Let me know how we can help. 


Extended Trial

While Shop for Good (  offers a free plan, we've also extended our 7-day free trial to 30 days to ensure that all of our partners have access to all premium features during this time.


Click to hear a message from our leadership team - like you, we've had to adjust to working differently as well (hiding from our kids trying to work)