Free Credits for In-Store Conversion Stickers @COVID-19 Pandemic

Hi Shopify family. Kay here, founder of ModeMagic.


We're currently offering free credits worth 10 Product Catalog Upgrades to your Shopify Store Catalog. This applies to all new app users of ModeMagic. This can be redeemed anytime post install, without expiry of the free credits. Install ModeMagic  (or click here to get started.


This offer is perfect for all stores who want to highlight sales, offers, discounts, new arrivals etc in your Shopify store. In my decades working as an eCommerce Merchandiser, I've seen how labels like these can create credibility, urgency & fomo to help shoppers make faster decisions - which of course leads to more sales for you.

I'm certain that this offer can help new as well as older stores, esp. stores moving online who're learning to nail store conversions.


If you have any questions on this - or even around product catalog / store design / merchandising - please let me know :) 


Stay safe,


Kay Mann, the eCommerce nerd and Bitmoji fan :)
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Hey there Kay Mann,


Thanks a lot for this offer! I have recently opened my online store and can see that using these stickers has boosted store sales.


It would be great if there are more sticker packs to select from.


Nice work and keep me informed about more.


Thank you @amitphadke750 we're adding new packs every week, will make sure to update you this week. 

Hope your online store works out amazing.


Stay safe


Kay Mann, the eCommerce nerd and Bitmoji fan :)