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I've been seeing so many posts lately from store owners who are using Google Shopping to send traffic to their store but not getting any sales.  They are always asking for feedback on the store, when it may be the quality of the traffic that's the problem.   That's why I've decided to offer a free video audit of your Google Shopping to help you see if that's where the problem lies...

Who we are:  Elite eCommerce Marketing specialises in running Google Ads for Shopify Stores :

Where we are located:  Based in the UK though happy to work worldwide as long as the website is in English

What we do:  Set up and management of Google Ads for eCommerce, which includes Search, Shopping & Dynamic Remarketing.  Our clients consistently get over 700% return on ad spend, even in competitive niches. 

What we are offering:  A free video audit of your Google Ads account.   This will go through the areas of your campaigns which can be improved and opportunities you may be missing.  While it's not a step-by-step tutorial type of video, you will get actionable insights on what to do to make improvements and improve the profitability, which if you implement will help you get better results and/or save money on your ads.

Restrictions:  You need to be running normal shopping campaigns (NOT just smart shopping).  Also no companies who are purely dropshipping.

How to redeem:  Post a reply to this thread saying "interested" and send me a FB message here: requesting your free video audit.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Specialising in Google Shopping for Shopify stores.
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