Limited Time Offer for Chargeback Protection

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Who we are: Your Complete E-Commerce Fraud Protection Solution.

For over 18 years, ClearSale has helped merchants eliminate fraud and chargebacks before they happen. Our mission is to stop online fraud while providing our clients with the highest approval rates and lowest false-positive rates in the industry.

We offer an end-to-end fraud management solution, helping e-commerce merchants protect their business by carefully sorting through orders to give the most accurate determination of fraud risk, and then handling each transaction as necessary. This process provides our clients the peace of mind to focus on their growing businesses without the fear of fraud.

Orders that would normally be declined by the AI technology used by most fraud screening programs might actually be approved if seen by human eyes. Our proprietary manual review process, unlike that of our competitors, ensures that suspect transactions are always reviewed by a seasoned analyst and never initially denied outright.

With ClearSale, you'll be happy to see higher approval rates while virtually eliminating false positives.

Our experience speaks for itself:

  • 18+ years in business.
  • 99% client retention rate.
  • More than 3,000 direct clients;
  • Accepting orders in over 160 countries every day.

Where we are located: Miami, FL, USA


What we do: ClearSale helps businesses prevent fraudulent chargebacks without interfering with the online shopping experience, combining cutting-edge technology with the world’s largest team of specialized fraud analysts. Trusted by over 3,000 clients worldwide and touting a 99% retention rate, ClearSale is the first company to offer chargeback guarantees. Clients can sell more, safely, even in dynamic or challenging international markets.


What we are offering: 40% discount on the first 2 months for merchants selling essential products.  15% on the first 2 months for all others!


Restrictions: New clients only. Limited time offer. Any promotional prices are subject to availability and are available on a first come first serve basis and are subject to change.


How to redeem: Please submit your contact info on



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