LiveChat with Customer Insight – 50% off the first payment and extended trial

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Hello, Shopify community!
We're happy to give you a better deal, especially when flawless communication becomes more difficult while being important like never before.
What's more, we've recently upgraded our integration with Shopify with features that enable you to know more about your customer.
Now it's called Customer Insight – you can check the features in here.

  • Who we are:


  • Where we are located:

Boston, MA
Wrocław, PL

  • What we do:

LiveChat is a complete customer communication platform. With LiveChat, you can implement an easy-to-use live chat feature in your Shopify store as well as through different channels, e.g. social media profiles. As you talk to customers, you can access all the data related to their account, e.g., customer profile in Shopify and shopping histories. You can also suggest products from your offer directly within the chat via Product Cards.

  • What we are offering:

We offer an extended trial period and 50% discount off the first payment.
If you also run a non-profit organization, you can apply for free LiveChat subscription for its page.

  • How to redeem:

Follow instructions at our dedicated page:

  • Restrictions:

Only new subscriptions are eligble to apply.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask them below!