Locksmith and Mechanic: Pay what feels good

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We've functionally always operated this way, and we made this policy official back in January. This is not pay-what-you-can – the mechanics and energy of it are completely different. The policy is designed to meet everybody where they're at (including ourselves), and to guarantee that the transactions we all engage in are good for everybody.


You can read the entire policy here: https://lightward.com/pricing


This policy applies to both of our apps, and will continue to apply to them long after COVID-19.



If you've got questions about how this applies to you, hit up the appropriate email address above. :)

  • Who we are: Lightward Inc
  • Where we are located: The US, most of the time. Back when flying was a thing, we all moved around a lot.
  • What we do: Whatever we feel moved to do. See lightward.com.
  • What we are offering: See above.
  • Restrictions: None.
  • How to redeem: Install the app, and note the price we suggest for your account. If that price doesn't feel good, get in touch via the in-app help button, and let's continue the conversation. :)
I made Locksmith and Mechanic. :)