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Shopify Partner
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  • Who we are: Okendo, the new standard in customer reviews for high-growth Shopify stores.


  • Where we are located: Miami, Florida and Sydney, Australia. 


  • What we do: Okendo enables fast-growing consumer brands like Knix, SKIMS and Zitsticka to leverage their most powerful asset for driving growth; their customers.

    Okendo is an all-in-one customer marketing platform with all the tools brands need to capture and showcase customer-generated content including product ratings & reviews, UGC and Q&A. Brands use this content to build shopper trust, drive conversions and maximize CLTV.

    Okendo is a Shopify Plus Technology Partner and trusted by over 1,000 leading direct-to-consumer brands.


  • What we are offering: Your first 90-days of Okendo are completely free!