Ready For My Order - Extended 30-day free trial

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Hi all, this is Jason with Ready For My Order.


To help get you started with our curbside pickup solution, Ready For My Order, for a limited time we have changed our 7-day trial to an extended 30-day trial.  You can install the app from this link:


What is Ready For My Order?

No more answering calls each time a customer arrives to pick up an order -- and no more jotting down order numbers, car color or customer names.  Save your customers the frustration of busy signals or unclear pickup procedures.


Using Ready For My Order, with a click of a button (in the order confirmation email), customers let your staff know they've arrived and are ready for their order pickup.  Your Ready For My Order dashboard will show your staff a list of waiting customers along with their order details so they can quickly deliver the order.  To make finding customers in the pickup line easier, Ready For My Order can even ask for car type, color and license plate if you wish.


Ready For My Order is perfect for restaurants, florists, or any Shopify merchant who offers curbside pickup.


Our free trial lets you get started at no cost so you can start saving time and frustration for both staff and customers.


To learn more and get started, click here: