Store Build Package @ $99 for Retail Local Stores & 90 Days trial on our App Stockyphi


COVID-19 is disrupting the world in an unprecedented manner. To deal with the CoronaVirus, millions of people are going into lock-down or self-quarantine. Putting a stop at economic functioning, it has left small businesses to fend for themselves.

To help them out of this crisis, we are doing a small part by building Shopify stores @ $99 for small business and retailers. We are also providing 90 days trial on our Apps StockyPhi & ExportiPhi.


  • Who we are: 
    We’re Gypsyphi, a small team based out of India helping merchants build solutions on Shopify.
  • Where we are located:
    Bengaluru, India
  • What we do:
    We build integrations, custom solutions, Apps for Shopify Merchants. And yes, we do store development as well.
  • What we are offering: 
    Store Build Package @ $99 which includes:
    • Store development using a Free theme template or Custom theme built by us [Link to demo store]( Including About us, Contact us form, Collection pages & Product Page)
    • Product upload up to 30 products or at max five categories.
    • Shipping Charges setup
    • Linking up to 5 free apps, if required.
    • Setting up the pick-up point, if required.
    • Tax Setup(For Indian Stores only), if required.

    90 Day Trial on our Apps StockyPhi & ExportiPhi
  • Restrictions: 
    Any customisation of the theme or additional requests that fall outside of the package and setup are subject to a cost that will be agreed upon prior to being off work and scope finalisation. The plugin may also have a monthly cost that is separate from our offer to set up and install.

  • How to redeem:
    Drop us an e-mail and tell us why you need to build the store? For StockyPhi and ExportiPhi, contact us in the in-app chat support.

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy
Team GypsyPhi

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