Storms Dont Last Forever; We will defeat Covid-19 - Only if we have the Resolve and Hope

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Storms Dont Last Forever; We will defeat Covid-19 - Only if we have the Resolve and Hope


These are difficult times and everything in life looks so gloomy. However, the only way from here is towards the brightness. We have seen the worst and even this shall pass. Try to stay Positive and remember that sun shall still rise tomorrow.
Lets understand that why are we calling this a difficult time. Almost half of the world population is currently in lockdown and at home. Our heart goes out to the Health care and Public Service professionals who are at the front line fight this war for us to keep us safe.


Why are governments, experts, scientists are calling this to the worst time which our generation would see? This is because, we shall overcome the menace of Corona Virus definitely but that shall come at a cost. The world will not be the world we are used to. It will change! Most importantly, it is going to impact our livelihoods. How we live, how we spend, how we eat, how we meet; everything will eventually change.


The businesses and economies will also face the impact. So, there is no perfect solution to this but then there are some steps which we can take to reduce the pain and be in a slightly better position to manage the situation when the dust settles on this storm. How to manage business impact needs to be very similar to how our scientists and governments are fighting the Corona virus. This needs to be done with same seriousness and aggression. There is no remedy or cure for it but if we take certain steps, then we can avoid contracting it and if we have already got it then there are certain steps that can be taken to recover from it. Business recovery from Corona virus has to be very similar to the recovery of a Covid-19 stricken patient.


First and foremost, Do Not Panic! and there is no need for knee jerk reactions. Just because everyone says that there will be economic repercussions, that does not mean it is the end of the world. Remember, this is not the first time the world is hit by a crisis and this is definitely not the last time either.


Who are we:

We’re Seventh Triangle Consulting, a full stack eCommerce-focused Growth Hacking firm. 


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New Delhi & Mumbai, India


What we do:

We are internet consumer-focused specialists and our clients have risen from the ranks from being a seller to an omnichannel brand. Our clients are top rated online brands in Fashion jewellery space, Indian ethnic wear, Refurbished electronic devices, Smart gadgets, Youth Apparel and Home & Lifestyle.

We have helped our clients to understand their Brand positioning and scale up their business in an ROI efficient manner. We primarily help eCommerce businesses in their Webstore Development, Digital Marketing, Operations (Order Management/ Logistics Management/ Customer Support), Technology, Business Intelligence and Offline Retail roll out and capital raising exercise.

We work with very select early stage businesses who have the potential and eagerness to transition from being a seller/commodity to a brand. We continue to be active in helping early-stage eCommerce businesses and it would be a pleasure to learn more about your business and future.


What are we offering:


Following are some steps which you as a Business or a Brand should take to manage the impact.


Do not go on a Cost Reduction spree: Businesses are not built by reducing cost but by creating value for the customer who chooses to consume your product and service. History shows if you cut less during down times, you tend to gain more in better times. There is an HBR article "Roaring out of recession" from the March 2010 issue. In this article they tried to identify the strategies that companies deploy during economic downturn to evaluate the effectiveness. The authors of this article started the core performance during 3 recessionary periods prior along with 2009 recession. In their research they found that the highest probability of surviving companies was 37% and these were those companies which reduce cost selectively by focusing more on operational efficiency than their rivals but most importantly are those companies which invest relatively comprehensively in the future by spending on marketing, R&D and new assets.

We at Seventh Triangle help businesses and brands in Business Transformation management. We in partnership with Shopify are offering Free consultations to Shopify Merchants to help them work out a strategy for them.


Fix your Online Presence: In eCommerce, no website or an online store is ever complete, it only evolves as the eco system grows. This means, a webstore is in constant needs for some bug fixing or a feature development. In case you are a business which does not have a website then it is imperative to have one now. Our lives have changed and this change shall be here with us for a long period of time. With social distancing, the most practical way to communicate would be the online mode. This makes the online store presence all the more important and critical for any business survival.

We at Seventh Triangle have been helping businesses go online and set up stores. We have worked with varying set of businesses; from startup and one person companies to large scale organisations.

We in partnership with Shopify are offering Free Shopify Store setup to New Shopify Merchants. Further, we are also offering Free Website Audit and Consultations to existing Shopify Merchants.

Stay Connected with your Customers: There are times when people are alone, they are looking for someone to communicate. Don’t be pushy or salesy but get into a conversation with your customer through social media. There can be numerous ways of doing it; you could create Video content or articles or blogs as to what you as a business  are doing, your bit or your contribution to the society. The communication on Social media needs to be in sync with your overall social Media strategy. If you really believe in the principle that customers are your stakeholders then this is the time to prove that.

We at Seventh Triangle have been helping businesses in managing their Branding and Communication strategy. We in partnership with Shopify are offering Free consultations to Shopify Merchants to help them work out a Social Media and Communication strategy for them.

Good time to be found Online: So much is the increase in internet content consumption that Netflix had to reduce the streaming quality to make sure that everyone gets uninterrupted access. During these times, people are browsing/surfing more. There is a general tendency and a common human behaviour that when you are let with free or idle time, you look out to indulge in some long forsaken activities which you wanted to do but could not do due to paucity of time. Hence, this makes the best time to invest in SEO and other content building activities so that a business is out there to be found. The content building and SEO are relatively long term investments but one would not find a better time to yield results than today.

We at Seventh Triangle have been helping business in their Content Marketing strategy and initiatives. We in partnership with Shopify are offering Free SEO and Content Audit and Consultations to Shopify Merchants to help them work out a strategy for them.

Stay Ahead of competition: There is a famous quote from a best seller book Art of War by Sun Tzu, “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity”. Currently, what we see is a chaos which and now it is imperative to keep a track on what your competitor is doing. Not everyone will survive this crisis; it will be the survival of the fittest. It is a critical time to track what communication, product offering, strategy your competitors are following. This helps you learn from your competitors successes and failures. However, the entire process of Competitor tracking needs to be more analytical than anecdotal.

We at Seventh Triangle have been using proprietary tools to do a competition analysis based on wide parameters. We in partnership are offering Free Competition Analysis and Consultations to Shopify Merchants to help them get ahead of competition.

Go Digital with your Physical product: If you are a physical product business; like a t shirt brand or a physical service provider like a hair salon then it is time to reinvent yourself. Anything which brings physical proximity will be a Big No for some time to come. The world which we will see, will be a different world. But, the innovation needs to continue. So, you have to figure out innovative ways of offering services or value to your customers online. So, for example if you are a Hair Salon then probably it is time to create video content on tips and tricks and maybe start giving online sessions an grooming. It is time to monetize your skills digitally-what you were doing personally.

We at Seventh Triangle have been helping businesses in creating business transformation and strategy.



We are trying to help in whatever capacity we can during these challenging times. There are no restrictions for any business, size or geography. 


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Finally, please remember that WE SHALL OVERCOME!


Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and Stay Happy!

Sun will still rise tomorrow!


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