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Hey everyone, i am just new join e-commerce, like others beginner i have no idea or passion product to start, i am actually can't wait to do online business, but i just don know what to start any advice for me?

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Think of a product about which you have some significant knowledge, interest, or skill.

  • What kind of hobbies do you engage in and what products are involved in those hobbies?
  • What kind of products do you use on a daily basis that you could perhaps come up with a unique image design for, or that you think could be improved in some way, then come up with your image designs or improvement designs and create your new product(s)
  • What skill sets do you have from your current/previous jobs or career that can steer you toward a particular market? Are there any gaps in that market as far as a need for products or services that you can offer?

Number one piece of advice: if you plan on running your business long term, find a market that YOU have an interest and/or skill for. Otherwise, you will get burned out pretty quickly!

Good luck!


Hi @Edison1130 ,

I'd suggest you to read this updated blog post with ideas and hobbies

Check the Shopify Youtube channel as well. It'd help you to understand what you really want and to experiment with.


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