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verification age des clients

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J'ai créé ma boutique et j'aimerai vendre également du vin. Pouvez-vous m'indiquer le moyen de controler l'age des clients (produits alcoolisés interdits à la vente pour les moins de 18 ans) ?

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There are many apps available that perform age gating. That is the self-reporting popup that asks customer's for their birthdate. This is not a true age verification.

For actually accepting customer's ID documents such as a national ID card, drivers license or passport to verify age - there's our app Real ID:

We verify the authenticity of the document within seconds and you can automatically allow customers that are of age because our system can read the date of birth field on the document automatically.

First 10 ID checks are free, I'm also available to answer questions about ID verification and true age verification.


Founder of Verdict - Anti-Fraud Apps for Shopify
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  • Real ID - Verify your customer's real IDs easily & securely
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