1,597$ in lost revenue in last 7 days ! Please help

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Hi everybody, i'm the owner of www.zaswim.com 

We sell swimsuits and bikinis at affordable prices. I have been running my shop for about 5 months. We have made about 1000$ in sales. I have never invest in paid advertisement, we are only promoting trough instagram posts and influencers.

In the last weeks, I have tryed to get a better conversion rate. I installed these apps :

-Trust Hero by Booster Apps

-Sales Pop

-Product reviews

-Social Proof & Urgency by Banana Stand

and more... 

I was wondering if someone could give me advise or help me having a better conversion rate. Only this week I had 47 Abandonned carts (1,597$ in sale value).

Do you have advise ? Something wrong with my website ? Apps ?

Thanks a lot for your time.


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There are some apps that will contact the customers who left with items in their carts. I would try one of those. We recoup 10% of those sales.

Good Luck,


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If your % of sales is not increasing in proportion with the % of abandoned carts, it could be that either something broken on the site or there is some click fraud going on.




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Hi Noofit,

There could be LOTS of reasons for this.

First of all, how many of those abandoned carts, go on to be abandoned checkouts? Abandoned carts are just people clicking on "add to cart" that have no intent to purchase. Since it's VERY VERY easy to cjust click ATC, you shouldn't really consider them lost customers, maybe a customer just clicked it to bookmark a product, for example. An abandoned checkout, however, it more interesting because people will have left their contact details and submitted this information on their first page of checkout. You can see how many people are abandoned checkouts by clicking on the "Abandoned Checkouts" tab in your shopify admin, under the "Orders" button.

After you've figured out how many are real Abandoned Checkouts (again, because these are people who are interested enough in your products that they took to the time to fill out their personal details on your page), you should contact them. Don't send them an auto-email. Send them a personalized email, if they left their phone number, maybe you want to even Whatsapp, or SMS them, and just ask for feedback. The only way to figure out truly why they abandoned checkout, is to just ask them. Otherwise you're only making theories for yourself and aren't getting any real helpful answers.

BTW, to learn more about abandoned carts and checkouts, this is a good post https://www.connectwithscout.com/supplement-cart-recovery-emails/

I hope this helps,


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I definitely agree with the other comments here about abandoned cart recovery! We use carts guru but there are plenty of low cost recovery apps out there. Also check out social referrals which are an easy way to get higher quality referral traffic for offering a small discount to customers - we use coopt for that: https://apps.shopify.com/coopt

Good luck!

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Try to contact with the abandoned cart customers offering them a discount, this way you can make them come back to finish the purchase.

There are some good abandoned carts apps for you to use, such as "Abandoned cart Reminder" and "Beautiful Abandoned Cart Emails"

Hope it helps you!


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Start to retain your existing customers: it would be less expensive. Use Facebook retargeting and rich media options to stand out the feed.

You should

You should test different things: creatives, messaging, audience, rich media options.

I'd advise you to learn more about ecommerce marketing.

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The speakers are 5 experts from Shopify, WordPress, WooCommerce, NinjaOutreach and PromoRepublic, so there would be a lot of things to learn.

Hope it helps :)

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Regarding your problem with converting visitors on your website to actual sales:

If you would like to turn visitors into buyers I would suggest checking out this link.

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we offer services for abandoned carts. we are the only company that target SMS on top of emails, facebook and Facebook Messenger. check out our web site at


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