#1 Reason Why People FAIL with Facebook Ads

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After 2 years of success with my own Shopify store making over $300,000 I've learned with trial and error how to market my store online, which I found to be the most difficult when it came to starting my ecommerce business.

Plenty of Shopify business owners think Facebook ads are as easy as finding your target audience and sending them ads about your product (cold leads).


When you build an online brand you need to provide VALUE to your potential customers. How do you do this you might ask? Here's my simple Facebook technique and I also explain it in my youtube channel:



Create Facebook ads that provide valuable content related to your product.

Product Example: Yoga Mats

1. Find viral youtube videos related to Yoga Mats. Example: Top 10 best Yoga Stretches You Can Do In Your Home.

2. Embed that Youtube video directly into a blog portion of your Shopify website and include your product below the video player.

3. Create a Facebook ad that links to that specific video blog page from your website. "VIDEO: Top 10 Yoga..."

4. Your costs per click will be cheap due to the CTR% being high. Customers don't think they're actually clicking an ad. But you're providing content to your customers and offering a relatable product

5. Facebook Retargeting:

Retarget customers who visited your site the first time with limited offer deals about your yoga mat. At this point your customers are beginning to trust your brand and feel comfortable because you didn't immediately go for the sale.

6. Begin to upsell them with relatable Yoga products because they now trust you as the Yoga Brand to purchase from.


This is a VERY simple yet effective strategy that no one is teaching to marketing your brand online. If you'd like it better explained watch it on my Youtube channel: