100% drop-off from ads

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Hi everyone,

I recently starting advertising via google adsense, one of the ads goes to a product page (https://www.shaycosmetics.com/collections/blush) and every single person is just closing the page from there. 

I had unique 93 clicks, but none of them clicked anywhere else on my site before closing. Anyone else experience anything similar? 


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I presume you mean AdWords and not AdSense.

93 visitors is not much to guage things on. How do your normal visitors behave?

A common mistake in AdWords is to go too broad. Make sure your only targetting search terms that people make when yuor are looking for your product. And ensure your ads are very clear on what you offer.

I'd also work on that landing page. Add something to convice people that they should buy your product. What makes it better thean the rest?



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I have switched over to Facebook ads and am already seeing a better bounce rate. Out of 25 clicks 5 proceeded to other pages, which is a huge increase over the experience I was having with adwords. 

I agree it must've been how my adwords were setup. 

I'm not sure what I can add to the landing page to make it stand out more, but definitely something I've been thinking about. 


Thank you