1000 emails - ZERO clicks :(

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Hello everyone, I recently launched my new online bed store: myluxurybed.co.uk

I bought an email list of 1000 emails (naughty I know) that had supposedly signed up to a list in my niche. Over 300 were opened, but not a single person clicked through to my site! 

The email itself looked very professional and I used Mailchimp to send it out. I know I cant link the email up here for you to look at but any tips for the future and feedback on my store would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


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Naughty is making light of things since there's legistlation in most countries against spam. If you're in the UK (assuming from the domain) the fine is quite substantial. 

Since none of those people signed up to your list why did you expect that anyone would click? In the end you paid for a list of email addresses of people with no direct interest in your product. 

Mailchimp also has very clear rules on Spam.


As a permission-based email service, purchased lists violate our Terms of Use and don't generally result in opens and clicks for your campaigns. These addresses could also result in higher bounce and abuse rates, which can damage your sending reputation

When a user unsubscribes from your list they have the chance to say why. If there's a common thread of people marking it as spam expect your Mailchimp account to be disabled.

I realise this might seem harsh but buying lists isn't a viable business path. Better to look at other forms of targetting advertising.


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Hey Alex,

The better thing to do is run facebook ads that build up your page and use that to sell your visitors. All traffic to your site will be engaged traffic and youll be able to get some useful data.