232€ in ADS for new dropshipping commerce / but 108€ sales.. how to change that ?

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Hey! How are you guys ? 

Firstly, i would like to tell you that i am french. So if i made some mistakes, please, my apologizes.


I am a beginner in dropshipping ecommerce, but i have started well, and my website lookss great (Guru told me, people that i know too) 

So i try and try and try ads on facebook, and instagram, but for the moment i have spent 232€ in ads, for 108€ in sales.. that is not so nice. 


I look at my conversions on Facebook, and i pay between 10 and 20€ per conversions! That is big, no ? For a profit between 20 and 40€ 


Can someone give me some tips please ?


Thanks for your time, and help,