3% CR. Where to go from this?

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Greetings from Norway! www.sovo.no is my site.
I launched my store around 6 months ago, and after ALOT of tweaking in pictures, colors and prices i have hit over 3% CR which was my goal. Especially the prices made a impact on my site, and i realized that "cheaper does not mean more sales". 

Now that i made my goal, where do i take it from here? I have had 1000 visitors the last 28 days and i want to start marketing harder and STILL be able to keep my 3%. Is this possible?
I have had alot of sales through google shopping and i want to enter the big "facebook" but i have no clue where to start, how much should i set as a budget each day, what colors, remarketing?, 

Also: should i try to tweak ever more now that my site hit 3%? And what should i do? Or should i leave it there?

Thank you in advance

Check out my page at www.sovo.no