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Hi @malalta, we are trying to achieve 301 redirection of pages across our website. Give below is an example for reference. 

301 Redirect thisHere


Likewise, we have have identified a bunch of URLs and have the list. Could you please help us achieve this 


Thanks in advance.

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Hey @Kashif91 I'm not the user you're looking for, but... 

It's super easy to upload a list of 1-to-1 redirects. Just go into Shopify Admin > Online Store > Navigation > URL Redirects

There is built in functionality for exporting/importing URL redirects, and some official documentation over here. If you have any special requirements for bulk URL redirects then the app Excelify and some good excel skills can probably set you right. 

For bulk .csv uploads you just need two column headers [Redirect from] & [Redirect to] then as long as your to/from URL's are all paths (not full URL's) should be fine.

What I mean:

Full URL: https://thefunkydelicstore.com/collections/men-shoes/high-top-shoes
Path: /collections/mens-shoes/high-top-shoes

Couple other things to consider: 

  • The example you gave links to a collection page with tag /collections/collection-name/tag-name which works fine, however tag pages typically are not configured optimally for SEO in Shopify; to start with they don't have a custom field for a fully unique title tag. There are a few ways around this, but just highlighting a potential flaw in the plan.
  • You should test the redirects are working as anticipated. Usually I use an app like ScreamingFrog for this which takes in a list of the old URLs and checks what they are doing. Ideally once all redirects are in new place and domain switched over to Shopify then they should be redirecting (in one hop) over to the new endpoint URL's specified.


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Hi @KieranR, even after defining the URL's under URL redirects, the redirection is not working. The old url's are not getting redirected to new URL's.

example: this is still not getting redirected. 

301 Redirect thisHere


Please help 


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For the redirect to fire, the original url must result in a 404. With your example given above, it does not. The redirection won't trigger.

If you must move the user away from this specific page you'll need to look into using JavaScript for the redirect vs something server side.

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