7 out of 10 Customers Abandon Their Cart. Here's why.

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Selling online isn't easy. You know just how much effort, time and money goes into getting potential customers to your website. 

The worst part is...

The highly-engaged visitors browse your products, add a couple products to their shopping cart, start the checkout process, and then...

7 out of 10 customers just pack up and leave. 

How Depressing.

POOF! They're Gone!

This means for every $3,000 you're making ,

 you're letting another $7,100 slip right through your fingers.

That's A Lot Of Money!

So why did they Add to Cart if they had no intention of buying?

Are they just messing with you? Well no.

Accordint to some research,  75% had intent to return. 

They had good intentions, it's just that buying that item from your online store isn't exactly on the top of their agenda. 

Email Remarketing will help you recover 15% or more of your abandoned carts!


Seeing that 75% of visitors actually have intent to buy, it’s critical to get email remarketing & search remarketing triggered almost immediately after the cart gets abandoned.

Otherwise, it'll be too late.

These customers are still in the buying mood and with a little push, will purchase the product!

So what are we supposed to do?

Let's do some Email Remarketing

If you're interested send me an email at surajdugg@gmail.com


Because I'm a nice guy.

Send me an email before I change my mind. 

You have nothing to lose.

Let's make some sales!