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Hey guys!

I don't know if any of you knows Scott Hilse from Youtube but He suggested a very good strategy. Create an engaging ad (video or a picture) wait a few days and then retarget the audience. If there were about 30 ATC then create a new ad with link clicks or ATC with the retargeted audience. Now I created an ad about 2 weeks ago and it reached13.5k and in the resualts it says 7k. Now when I tried to create a retargeted audience of the 1% it said that I need at least 100 from one country. Now thats weird becuase I only targeted Nehterlands and USA. What can i do in that situation?

Another question could someone please suggest a good strategy that actually worked for him?

Thanks in advance :)

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Yes, you need 100 minimum purchase from one country to create LAA if you are looking to create LAA based on purchase.

Thank you!
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