A LOT of add to carts BUT no Sales :(

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Really love your site. I have some suggestion here for you:

1. Check out page

People who left the check-out page so there must be a problem with the Customer information page. I have an assumption that: People who buy otaku stuff are all from about 12 to under 16 years old (You can check again in Google Analytics). Do you think most of these people have an email or using email frequently?

They all use the mobile phone? Yes! They all use email? I'm not sure about it! So my idea for you is that you can link the "Buy now" button to a landing page where you collect mobile phone, not just email. There is a lot of apps help you create landing page such as PageFly app (I recommend this one, very flexible with low cost), Shogun, GemPages, Zipify...

2. Cart abandoned email

In case people have filled their email already. This time for optimizing abandon cart email. Please read Abandoned Cart Email Guide from Rejoiner

3. Remarketing

Having a lot of Abandoned Carts can be a good resource for you to start Facebook Remarketing. But just remember, people who drop out of your home page are very different from people who drop out of your checkout page. So it's important that you split them into different lists then retarget them with different messages.

I just came across this article, that may be useful for you:

Shopify Facebook Ads: 5 effective ad types to increase sales

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Well, in this case you must check for website errors, you can try purchase from your own website as a customer, logout from the website and try to clear session history or try from new browser or new computer you have never used before. (just to make sure you're a new customer).


Check if this add to cart isn't fake or bad bots that just hits your links.


Make sure your website is known enough, try to contact someone to help you build a strong Brand for your website/company.

Finally, wish you having real sales :)

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a must have that every store need to have is something to push people to complete the order, alot of people doesn't have some mechanism in place so their stats look like view product 1k,  add to cart 400
reach checkout 200 purchase 30, sound this familiar? basicly alot of people leaving the website the most crushial time (when it's time to pay), something stop them maybe price or shipping, of course there are some apps that give coupons but most of them suck because 1 they give the coupon to early, 2 some apps require to change the link which is bad if you do advertising (essentially you need to change the adset link) now there is a killer app that convert more people on the spot you can find more at https://supersalesbooster.com

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This is Abbas, CMO of Abandoned Cart Recovery App, CareCart.

I can understand the pain you would have been going through. I hope it has been resolved by now but as a suggestion, here are the common reasons people don't proceed buying the stuff they add to the cart.

- Unexpected tax and shipping charges at the time of checkout

- Customers are concerned with your payment system security or your website in general.

- They are just window shopping or making a price comparison ( price + tax + shipping that's why they proceed to the last page.

- Guest checkouts unavailable

- Limited payment options

- Limited shipping options

You might also find this resource useful - https://www.shopify.com/partners/blog/reasons-for-an-abandoned-cart

So even though you have free shipping and no add-on cost, there are other areas to look too.

Hope this will help.


CMO of CareCart - Free Abandoned Cart Recovery App for Shopify store owners.
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Thanks for the Shogun Drag and Drop Page Builder rec @Mike Anderson

Here's a discount link for 20% off any of our plans :)


Email me at support@getshogun.com if you have any questions.

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Hello Luis,

Would you mind blessing my soul with the same information as I am having the same problems. Would appreciate it greatly. My email is jahangirashrafont@gmail.com

Thank you!

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Can you help me im having the same issue. lots of adds to cart... 15-20 sometimes more per day .. however no sales ... contact@jassss.com


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Best Regards,


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