A LOT of add to carts BUT no Sales :(

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You might want to verify that there isn't a problem with your checkout. We'd had a problem because we wanted people to sign in and have an account with us, and it threw them into an eternal loop. That was maddening. So we took that off.

But we're still having problems because people think they have to have a PayPal account in order to pay, and they just leave because they don't want one. They can't figure out how to pay with a credit card because Shopify has practically hidden the option to use PayPal to pay with a credit card without a PayPal account. It's not easy to see. You almost have to know it's there in order to find it. it's a HUGE disservice to everyone except PayPal. I love Shopify for a lot of reasons, but this makes me regret having gone with Shopify because I don't how to make customers aware of this problem.

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Add to carts are the best for a retargeting strategy w/ Facebook ads. Install the Facebook pixel, set up a product feed and start retargeting those consumers who have made it known they want your product!

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No.1 - TRUST

In About Us really tell about you. So many people write "We love doing xx and yy. Our philosophy is such and such". But put a name to "Us". Who really are you? Your names?

Next on your site put Netherlands in the footer. A European company, that's good. Show it. As you sell toys I was suspicious if you were Chinese.

I love that you clearly show FREE SHIPPING at the point of Add to Cart. Free shipping worldwide? If so mention worldwide.

One problem AFTER Add to cart:

You upsell a product right on top. This gives the impression it is in the cart. One immediately gets hesitant... 'Why is this in my cart? Do I have to pay for this?'. Place it below the point you tell your total cart value as of now. (This is NOT a big deal though.)

One more thing - Now your line says Free Shipping on all non-promo items.

I don't know if the toy I added to my cart is a promo or non-promo item. So as I am faced with uncertainity I may just plan to come back and check it out later. And this can be a conversion lost for you :(

The rest of your flow is actually quite good I think!

Hope my inputs help. I put on my monocles for this one.

Oh and yes, don't lose people who like you, follow you already. They are more likely to convert than fresh new visitors who are still finding reasons to trust you.

How to target your fans/followers/likers with zero effort? Let this app - OrangeTwig show them your products and store images on a continuous basis, across ALL your social media channels. It will design all these posts on its own. In these posts it will highlight your products, add hashtags, add text that gets them to convert, and links back to your store. Of course you can edit all this if you choose to.

The posts will have images like this showing YOUR products:

Go ahead. Try it now and let OrangeTwig keep sending customers your way who are likely to convert.

Hope this helps!


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Hi Luis

Would you kindly share your comments, info@perfectdealz.co.za. Thanking you in advance.



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Does anyone know how to turn off notifications for this post?


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I'm having the same problem with my store. I have the Shopify secure badge on it. Is there something I'm supposed to add to the checkout page?

If people didn't like my products then I don't think they would go as far as adding them to the cart. There must be something that they don't find trustworthy but I don't know what it is.

Luis, can you also send that email to me horse1971@live.com

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can you send me to tgiovanangeli@gmail.com

Thank you ! :)

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Hey there,

There are a bunch of apps out there that will help you with cart abandonment issues. I haven't personally played with any of them, but feel free check them out.

The one possibility (amongst many others) is that customers aren't too confident in your brand. Granted, your brand is new, but we recently wrote an article on eCommerce and what markers contribute to a great brand. You can read it here:  https://betterthansure.com/markers-of-a-great-ecommerce-brand-6641b52cdd5

It also doesn't seem like you have an easy way for users to contact you on your site. When customers have questions regarding a product, they usually want to be able to contact someone regarding their questions and having a knowledge base isn't enough. We built an app that lets you embed a contact widget on your site - check it out here: https://apps.shopify.com/reamaze and http://www.reamaze.com. You can sign up and get a free trial for 2 weeks, but we can work with you on that as well as answer any questions you have regarding providing great customer support.

Feel free to reach out to us.



Reamaze - Customer Communications Platform for Shopify at https://apps.shopify.com/reamaze.
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I personally think your website is very clean and cool looking and am glad to have found it, as I am an (older) anime / manga fan. Since you have many people who have already found your site and are adding things to the cart without buying, I think one challenge may simply be your target market. I don't know if there is any hard evidence out there, but from what I've gathered the majority of anime/manga fans (and thus, those who would be interested in your store) are from 12-25 y/o. In other words, the "poor" years of our lives, when we're trying to make our allowances or piddly after-school job stretch for clothes, movies and other teenage neccessities or during college when we're living on ramen noodles and moaning at the cost of textbooks. However much we may love Death Note, eating comes first, and they lack the disposable income of an older, more established person.

For example, I have an 18 y/o son who is very into Legend of Zelda and I'm always looking for cute LOZ items to buy for him for his birthday and Christmas, but between girls and teenage doings, he rarely if ever buys them for himself. (Though he has a ton of them saved in his shopping cart on Amazon.)

To sum up, it is my belief that many anime and manga fans are broke. They may love your store and your items, they may even share them with someone saying, "gee dad, I sure would love to have this for my upcoming birthday," wink, wink, but they'll probably have to rely on a parent or loved one to actually pony up the cash. So you may want to concentrate your marketing on getting the attention of those parents (particularly moms) who know their kids love all things Naruto and Soul Eater, and will have the disposable income to actually lay the money down.


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Maybe because it is a drop shipping website.  Your delivery time is very long.